Sunday, January 22, 2017

Got my copies of the Filipino translation of Batman Year One

Never knew they had this... a Filipino translation and black and white to boot version of that great Batman Year One arc. It's incomplete but I'll take it.

Saturday, January 14, 2017

Kressh meeting January 14

Second meeting of 2017 for our re-formed Kressh gang. Gearing up for the second volume of Pariah Comics. At the Appraisery at Cubao X.

Thursday, January 12, 2017

Working on Ang Ilog #4

After a year's delay, we're back on track to finish Ang Ilog, that period fantasy-horror piece we began publishing in 2015. Met up with Tito Rey Asturias to discuss the layouts and thumbnail sketches for the first six pages. In this story, the worlds of Lawin, El Vengador, and Gabriela intertwince as they face a common foe.

The four issue should be out before the Summer Komikon.

Sunday, January 8, 2017

Got the Daredevil Born Again Artist's Edition

Finally got one of my favorite comic book stories ever (not to mention titles ever)... Daredevil: Born Again by Frank Miller and David Mazzuchelli. Have the original issues, the first print trade paperback, and now this Artist's Edition. Am a happy man.

Saturday, January 7, 2017

What comics am I working on?

What's coming from Eikon Komiks?

East of the Sun West of the Moon prequel Part 2
In which the crew of the Iceblink Bluff meets up with Antoine de Saint-Exupery who points them in the right direction in recruiting Charlie Durand and Anton Robichaud in their quest.

Ang Ilog Book Four
The penultimate chapter of this period story. Lawin and Tok Teban battle the giant executioner Jaramillo only to learn that the zombie hordes are pressing towards the town of Capas. El Vengador and Gabriela marshal the local constabulary that is fleeing the undead.

In the planning stages.... Mountains of Fire.

What's coming from Kressh Comics?
Pariah Volume 2.

Save for Mountains of Fire, the other three will be out before April. 

Putting out Pariah Comics -- 24 years later!

In early 1992, with some fellow comic book fans who frequented the old Filbar's New York , Cubao branch, we put up a group with the intent of producing a local comic book. 

Well, we encountered many problems along the way that totally derailed the publication of this. twenty-four years later, we put PARIAH (from Kressh Comics that is a different imprint from my personal Eikon Komiks) out. 

Now all these years, I kept almost all the work we did. But during Typhoon Ondoy that saw mass flooding and my house under water, I lost way too many things. I thought I had lost the Pariah files. Well, some of them are missing but 1/3 of them I found while moving houses this Christmas. Flush with inspiration, I put the comic book anthology together and decided to give this to me colleagues as a Christmas gift. The surprise on their faces is worth everything. Am just glad that it's out.

Pariah was inspired by that chapter from the Daredevil Born Again arc while Kressh was taken from that sound effect that Daredevil scribe Frank Miller used in its pages (as well as in Sin City).

The cover was laid out by our then art director, Gerry Alanguilan, after which all the artists pencilled their own characters. It went back to Gerry for inking. His Timawa was supposed to be a part of this anthology but when we stopped production he went to Alamat.

The stories -- as they were originally written -- have this Vertigo-ish spin on them. The pages were laid out exactly in the cut and paste style that we did back then (not knowing any better).

We open with “Kiss Your Protons Goodbye” by yours truly and Sandy Gonzaga that explores growing up with that unfettered imagination. Ariel Atienza follows that up with “Shadows” that is about chance meetings that could develop into something. Or not. Mark Del Rosario illustrates a tale about a man’s descent into madness and who believes that Monday is put to get him. I put words into this painted tale that is obviously titled, “Mondays”. And lastly, there’s “The Rain and the Overpass at Two O’clock in the Morning” by writer Richie Ramos with art once more by Sandy Gonzaga that’s about mending fences.

We aren't putting out massive numbers of these (you can purchase them at Comic Odyssey Robinson's Galleria). Just a few. However, just the same, Pariah Vol. 2 will be out in time for the Summer Komikon. 

We won't be late.