Monday, February 17, 2014

Fred Chao's Johnny Hiro.

Two years ago, I picked up this trade paperback (Singapore $26.95) at Kinokuniya in Singapore. I always look for the offbeat stories and indie stuff and this seemed interesting. 

The basic concept of Johnny Hiro is he is a busboy in Brooklyn, New York who has to fight businesmen who are actually ninjas and samurais, he has to save his girlfriend Mayumi from a Godzilla-like creature, and fight off knife-brandishing waiters. It's hilarious and good fun. There are elements of anime if you enjoyed stuff like Voltes V or Mazinger Z in the form of Super A-OK that is piloted by five people. Guess -- four lads and a lady. Hahaha. It's a fun look at all the Japanese stuff we grew up with. And Johnny Hiro gets to talk to Judge Judy and Mayor Bloomberg! Whatta guy!

No regrets picking up Fred Chao's Johnny Hiro (in black and white). Oh, Fred is from Brooklyn. 

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