Friday, March 14, 2014

The Pull List for March 12, 2014 Manifest Destiny, Bad Blood, Astor City, Uber etc

Manifest Destiny #5 (Image) One title a keenly look forward too. I am glad they stopped from making it a introduce a monster per issue. Their moving forward and now we are moving into the whys and wherefores. 

The Mercenary Sea #2 (Image) Dive! Dive. This book moves into some serious action as bullets fly. 

Bad Blood #1 (Dark Horse) One of my faves of this batch. A vampire story with a twist as cancer-ridden young man fights some vampires that have turned his life upside down.

Uber #19 (Avatar) Kieron Gillen finally takes his foot of the accelerator to allow some characterization. And it's enough to build to the next one that's going to be a slam bang affair as a Battleship class Uber is launch straight at London. The Blitz Part Two.

Astro City #10 (Vertigo) I honestly think that Busiek's run on this title while at Image is far better. It's a good read but not great. Cannot put my finger on what seems wrong. But I still enjoy it. Just don't think the stories are on parallel as what came out before.

One Hit Wonder #1 (Image) Wanted to try this because of Ariel Olivetti's art (The Last Avengers Story among others). Like Bullseye/Nemesis/Natural Born Killers except that he is a hit-man for hire. Hope they take this is a direction no one will not see coming. Or else it's off to the trash bin.

Hawkeye #17 (Marvel) The most disappointing of the bunch. The series started out well but it has been limping as of late. And late is the operative word. Delayed releases. Stories that drag on endlessly and really don't seem much. The endless "Bro" storyline that should have ended some time ago. And now a filler issue. I am close to checking out of this series. Since when did Clint Barton act like a sad sack loser? When did he become Peter Parker? Enuff of this, Matt Fraction. Get on with it.

Fantastic Four #2 (Marvel) Two issues in and I am not blown away. Yet

Superman/Wonder Woman #6 (DC) Honestly, I just get this because I always thought that Superman and Wonder Woman are made for each other. But this is nothing special. They just get their asses kicked by General Zod and Faora.

Captain Marvel #1 (Marvel) So far some of the best books Marvel is putting out are the -- for lack of a better term -- chick-books. There's Ms. Marvel and She-Hulk. And the relaunched Captain Marvel starring Carol Danvers sounds interesting. But the jury is still out.

All-New All Different X-Men #24 (Marvel) Picking this up out of force of habit. Dredging up old storylines. Nothing new. Send them back to their time already.

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