Saturday, February 7, 2015

Today at Comic Odyssey/soft launch of ANG ILOG Book Two

The first time I ever had an article of mine printed in a newspaper, I felt like I had won the lottery. As a kid, I read a lot and never thought I'd ever have an article of mine ever published. I was giddy that day and remain the same every time since whether it be a new article, a guest appearance on television, a magazine article or writing a book that sells out. I guess deep down that kid has always been there. I do these things because it's fun, it's a passion, and it helps put my kids to school. Self-publishing comics… jeez. It's not feeling like a kid but I am that kid all over again.

Helped out at Comic Odyssey at Promenade, Greenhills today. That coincided with the release of ANG ILOG Book Two. Had some folks come over to get copies of ANG ILOG. Was really surprised by the support and kind words from Harvey Tolibao who left a party to drop by and get a copy for himself. This is a dude who I ask to sign the comics he draws. And it felt really odd to sign a comic for him. But am really grateful. And…. am working with Harv on something in time for November. 

Francis Abad came over and got the Tagalog versions of ANG ILOG. The English version will not be available until the end of February or thereabouts. You see, I previously released ANG ILOG Book One in English and Filipino versions and in two sizes. But you know what version sold really well? The Tagalog and the oversized version. Even the English oversized version did really well. 

When we were initially printing ANG ILOG, it was meant to be in that small size that is smaller than your averaged-sized comic book but not in digest-size. And we had a number of that format printed as well. But from the outset, what I wanted was to have it printed in the oversize format much like the Marvel magazines of old – Savage Sword of Conan, Vampirella, the Punisher Magazine, and the Marvel Swimsuit issues all of which I have a bunch of them. The old Alamat books, Avatar, were also printed in that size. When Image Comics’ released a variant copy of Ed Brubaker’s The Fade Out #1 in oversize format in mid-2014 that did it for me. Oversize me!

Sure it’s a bitch storing it as it will not fit in the regular box but it makes for great reading and you sure don’t have to squint. And it makes looking at the wonderful art of Rey Asturias much easier.

Some of my best buds -- JV Tanjuatco and Jason Inocencio -- picked up their copies of ANG ILOG. Grabe. 

You know what was also gratifying? I got orders for 28 copies of Ang Ilog from some folks from Pampanga! Incredible. They are picking the order up tomorrow, Sunday. Amazing day. Am just so grateful and thankful.

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