Tuesday, October 18, 2016

After Eraserheads vinyl toys, Bigboy Cheng unveils Yeo Kaa works

Yeo Kaa's art toys that will be on display and for sale this coming October 22, 2016 at Secret Fresh, Ronac Magallanes.

After Eraserheads vinyl toys, Bigboy Cheng unveils Yeo Kaa works
by rick olivares

Bigboy Cheng
Filipino toy impresario Bigboy Cheng is all set to unveil a new designer toy by rising Filipino artist Yeo Kaa.

The Palawan-born Yeo Kaa who is an advertising major from the College of the Holy Spirit will host her third solo exhibit this coming Saturday, October 22, at 6pm at Cheng’s Secret Fresh toy store at the Ronac Art Gallery in Magallanes, Makati City.

Yeo will unveil her new set of paintings as well as her custom and hand-painted art toys that fetch anywhere from Php 12-24,000!

“So far, we’re expecting a full house for the show” gushed Cheng. “These art toys will be just as big as the Eraserheads toys! In fact, all her toys and paintings already pre-sold. It’s an amazing and surprising response.”

During the summer of 2013, Cheng stunned the toy world by unveiling a set of Eraserheads vinyl figures as designed by Korean toy designer, Coolrain Lee. Lee is also behind those masterful and best-selling NBA Mindstyle figures.

“The Eraserheads are my favorite band and I wanted to help them make history by giving them the first Pinoy to be featured in a vinyl toy ever,” recalled Cheng who also said that the legendary music group was deeply honored to have this cool collectible. “They loved it.”

“As for Coolrain, he is my favorite designer. The final product is world class!”

The Eraserheads set has since become a collector’s item with hardly any left on designer toy shop shelves.

For his part, Lee related that he felt it was an honor as well to ask to design toys unique to the Philippine market. “When I visited the Philippines in 2012, Bigboy requested and ordered an Eraserheads bands set during the Pop Life Exhibition that year. I was sent a lot of material to guide me in my designs,” related Lee. “Normally, I don’t listen to music when working but I had to feel and understand the band.”

Yeo Kaa
The Eraserheads set is a departure for Lee who is mostly kept busy with his NBA Mindstyle designs and the Dunkeys (anthropomorphized monkeys sporting Chicago Bulls gear) art toys that he will unveil for a solo exhibit in 2017. “Although I love music, I do not generally do ‘band” designs or toys. This was a first and I am glad to know it is special for Filipinos.”

Summed up Cheng who was clearly excited about his new unveiling that he believes is a worthy follow up to his Eraserheads project, “After this Saturday’s exhibit, more people will know of the genius of Yeo Kaa.”

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