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What did I love about Fantastic Four #1 (2018)?

What did I love about Fantastic Four #1 (2018)?

Before I answer that question, I will take you back at my history with the comic book.

It was 1974 when I got my first Fantastic Four comics. That was issue #147 when the FF went up against Namor the Sub-Mariner. I distinctly remember where I first got that. My grandfather bought it as this general store along with some other comics (Thor included).

I was enthralled. The FF became an instant favorite along with the X-Men that I only read from an uncle of mine. At that time, I hadn’t read the Avengers, Daredevil, and Captain America who would go on to be my fave comics.

I began to collect the Fantastic Four when I could afford to buy it. By the time I could, John Byrne was on board.

What did I like about the FF? I like the fact that they were a family. Their adventures were star-spanning and cosmic. Sure they went up against the mundane such as the Salem Seven but I like them going up against Galactus, Annihilus, and others. I liked that Mr. Fantastic and the Invisible Woman were married. And throughout all their upheavals, they remained a couple. I was upset when that stupid One More Day invalidated the marriage of Peter Parker and Mary Jane Watson and how the marriage of Scott Summers and Madelyne Prior was invalidated. To this day, I hate Marvel for that.

I like that the Thing was tortured inside by his being a monster. Johnny Storm was someone you wanted to be – the cool kid who every girl fell for.

Their headquarters – the Baxter Building – had the coolest name. They rode the Fantasti-Car. They had Luke Cage, Medusa, Crystal, and She-Hulk as members. Hell, Spider-Man nearly joined up! And I think I have a pretty good collection of FF comics.

Anyways… let’s go back to the present.

What did I love about the newly released Fantastic Four #1?

First of all, it was released on the exact 57th anniversary of the publication of the original Fantastic Four #1. Much has been made of their not being in a regular Marvel comic for years and that in my opinion is criminal. Anyway, the anniversary touch, August 8, was a nice and poignant touch for the old fans like me.

Second, I loved the four-page tribute to Steve Ditko that opened the comic. I was a fan of Steve’s work on Amazing Spider-Man and Doctor Strange.

Third, it was great seeing some old characters back. Ben Grimm and Alicia Masters are together again. They should be together and not apart. I loved that Ben proposed to Alicia. And how about the Yancy Street Gang (one of the longest running jokes in Marvel Comics).

I liked seeing Wyatt Wingfoot again! Hopefully, he and Jennifer Walters will hook up again.

And speaking of all the former FF members, it was nice to see them make cameo appearances. Even Doctor Doom or is this the real Doom or someone else? And the Impossible Man is there too!

And fourth and last (exactly, right)… it was great that for much of the issue, we didn’t see Mr. Fantastic and the Invisible Woman except for two panels and in the last pages too. That sort of whet your appetite for their inevitable return. And that giant 4 signal? That was an awesome way and cliffhanger for the way to end.

I really liked Dan Slott’s writing on Amazing Spider-Man and I am looking forward to his work on FF. I have liked Italian artist Sara Pichelli’s work on Ultimate Spider-Man and I think her “pop” style works well adding a lot of expression to the FF comic. I look forward to see her depict the cosmos and interstellar adventures of Marvel’s First Family. Assuming she stays on that long.

And Esad Ribic on the cover? How’s that for an international cast of creators?

Loved the first issue. Looking forward to the next!

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