Monday, December 8, 2014

Coming this January 2015 from Eikon Comics -- K-Town!


Kimchi, K-Pop, and Koreanovelas are all the rage in the Philippines. Lee Yong-Sun is a 16-year old Korean living in the Philippines where he is entering college. Lee falls in love with Filipino culture and actually acts and dresses up like a Filipino much to the consternation of his very conservative Korean parents.

The story is centered around Barangay Poblacion – Jupiter, Bel Air, P Burgos -- in Makati which has the largest concentration of Koreans in the Philippines; hence, Koreatown or K-Town for short.

But life in a bustling town is anything but boring as Lee and his friends have to deal with waiter-ninjas, Cosplay serial killers, supernatural hookers, riding-in-tandem hold uppers, Taho Ronin, and creatures of the night.

It’s madness. It’s zaniness. It’s life in K-Town.

Concept/story by Rick Olivares. Art by Alybel.

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