Saturday, December 24, 2016

Finally got back those Alex Ross DC treasury editions!

Woo hoo! Finally! Able to complete once more the Alex Ross treasury editions! Used to have them all and signed by Alex Ross 13 years ago. That was one of his rare signings and he was at Midtown Comics in Midtown Manhattan. Left work early to line up for the signing. I was among the first 10. 
Now unlike here, the protocol is to have two books signed then you line up again. When it was my turn, Alex asked me what I wanted him to sign. I said, "Can you write, 'Happy Birthday, Ricky?'" "It is your birthday," Alex asked and I showed him my driver's license. So now he stands up and says out loud for everyone to hear, "It's Ricky's birthday and I'm signing all his books!" Some wiseasses cried out that it was their birthday too and Alex simply went, "Yeah, yeah, yeah." 

So he signed everything. Marvels. Kingdom Come. Uncle Sam, Mythology, and all the treasury editions. 

He even greeted me on my videocam (it is on Video 8 and needs to be changed in format). 

It was a great day and an incredible thrill. The problem is, I lost everything except the signed Mythology, JLA Liberty and Justice, and a sketchbook to Ondoy (along with all the signed Jim Lee Batman Hush, Grant Morrison New X-Men, and others). For those who aren't from the Philippines, Ondoy was a typhoon that induced massive flooding. I lost my home not only to the flood but whatever was left was lost to looters. My misfortune left me utterly devastated for two months. Of course, I have since picked myself up. But my collections? That's going to take a lot of money and then some. The really old comics (I also had a complete set of Uncanny X-Men) are priceless. Ditto with my signed Alex Ross stuff.
Last January while in England, the six-pack was on sale at Mega City Comics in Camden. For 30 Pounds Sterling. For the life of me, I didn't get them because of storage problems. 
Who would have thought that by the last month of the year I'd get another shot at them? So getting a new bunch of Alex Ross treasury editions is cool. Now if I can only have them signed again. Hopefully, I can meet the Man again one day. He sure made my birthday 13 years ago!


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