Tuesday, November 20, 2018

5 Komiks you must pick up from the November Komikon

5 Komiks you must pick up from the November Komikon
by rick olivares

The November Komikon, a two-day celebration of the burgeoning independent comic book scene – from November 17 and 18 at the Bayanihan Center in Pasig City -- has come and gone. And as always, we selected our favorites from the dozens of new titles that were made available over the weekend.

We picked up quite a lot of local product – 45 to be exact. And I took two whole days to read and even re-read them. I made my notes and mind you there were good ones. But these choices in my opinion, are the best and what I recommend.

Melag (Anino Comics) by Bong Redila
The beauty of comics is that is takes the reader into flights of fantasy where you suspend your disbelief and come away with wonder. With Melag, Bong Redila tells you that you do not need to go far from home to experience this. One of the most beautiful books you will read.

Sikami Volume 6 (Pangalatoon Productions)
I will be honest, I got this for Bong Redila’s beautiful “Ang Bahay Ampunan sa Mahamog.” A 30-page short story that is moving and sensitive. Just when you think you know where this is going then there’s a curve ball right back at you.

To sum it up, it feels like a Tim Burton film made into the comic book page.

I’d say that Redila is one of those few gifted storytellers. Long may he live to do more.

Liryo (Anino Comics) by Magtira Paolo
It is said that during turbulent times, some of the best songs and art are produced. Of the two books in this list (and perhaps among the entire new batch of releases for the November Komikon), only two books touched on the extra-judicial killings or EJK. Stay does partially and Liryo. The story is nothing extraordinary or one that provides something new. Not at all. But this has balls.

It is about broken dreams and well, the harsh times we live in. Bravo for making this.

DI-13 Commemorative Edition (Triple D Publishing) by Damy Velasquez and Jesse F. Santos.
It is nice to see that the late Francisco Coching isn’t the only komiks legend who is having his old works re-produced. One of the first ever Filipino komiks series – DI-13 or Department of Investigations- Agent 13 is getting not only re-printed but also modernized for a younger audience.

One thing I love about this compilation is going through each and every panel to see how everything is so detailed and yet with the perfect balance of white space and black ink. Many of today’s artists are heavy on blacks that most are hard to decipher what they are trying to convey. Learn from the masters about storytelling.

The Dead Heart (Komikero Publishing) by Gerry Alanguilan
Technically, a reprint. First published via photocopy in 1996, it finally gets reprinted and I am happy (after having lost my original copy to Ondoy).

The Dead Heart is a story about loss and dealing with that depression. A heart wrenching short story by the living legend himself, Gerry Alanguilan.

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