Sunday, March 10, 2019

New Marvel Comics superhero Wave is from Cebu

New Marvel Comics superhero Wave is from Cebu
by rick olivares

American film director and comic book writer Greg Pak Tweeted today, March 9, the creation of a Filipina superhero in the Marvel Universe who will make her debut in the upcoming series War of the Realms: New Agents of Atlas.

We spoke with artist Leinil Francis Yu who designed the character and the superstar artist spilled the beans on the heroine.

“Wave (the name of the character) was conceived by Greg Pak and Marvel and I came in with the design with their initial notes,” said Yu who recently wrapped up a stint on Captain America. 

“The character is from Cebu,” bared the artist. “Her name is tentatively, ‘Pearl Pangan’ and her powers are water and tech based.”

Yu was ecstatic that her got to be a part of comic book history. “It was great and something I’ve always wanted but had a hard time getting in terms of good timing. It is a good thing this opportunity arose.”

War of the Realms will be released this coming May and will introduce Asian heroes to the Marvel Comics universe. The crossover event will be penned by Pak and drawn by Gang Hyuk-Lim.

In the series, Wave will play a pivotal role in defending Asia from Thor villain, Malekith.

Previously, the Filipino superheroes in American comics were “Stone” and “Grail” who were created by Fil-American writer-artist Whilce Portacio for Image Comics during the late 1990s. Stone brought Filipino folklore creatures to a Western audience while Grail was a member of a super-powered commando team in a book titled, Wetworks.

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