Saturday, January 10, 2015

Visiting the Cochings

I visited the wife/widow of the great Francisco Coching this morning. Several months ago, I purchased the pair of hardcover books on his works and life as well as the graphic novel, El Indo. I got in touch with the Man's grandson, Macoy, to find out what other works they are putting out in the market. And well, it turned out to be a wonderful brainstorming session. Aside from the re-print books, Barbaro and Lapu Lapu that should be out this year, we planned on putting up a free art class for young kids to learn komiks in the classical style! We also planned on putting up an exhibit and a play/drama contest involving Mr. Coching's works. 

I gave Mrs. Coching a copy of Ang Ilog and she looked pleased to see a comic drawn in the old style. Hope she likes it. She checked out the comic book. I learned that she lettered almost all of Mr. Coching's works. Tag team!

I got goosebumps being inside Mr. Coching's home. His illustration of Gabriela Silang is really awesome. 

The picture above is the work room of Mr. Coching. This is where he drew a lot of his work. It was just amazing being inside. I got goosebumps too! 

Mrs. Coching gave me a print of one her husband's unseen works (the large print) and the Atlas version of Lapu Lapu and a Christmas card featuring one of his works. I recommended that they have a web link to a website (planned one for Mr. Coching) or somewhere where people can see/buy his works. This was a darn good day.

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  1. Great stuff, dude! :) Just one thing, you forgot to mention Mrs. Coching's first name. ;) Congrats on the prized pieces that you were given!