Thursday, July 16, 2015

Checking out some Thai comics

Was in Bangkok, Thailand for three days for the Liverpool FC friendly. Also took the time to check out some Thai comics and this is what I picked up.

Picked up Black Boy: Kill 'Em All by The Duang; a hardcover graphic novel that looks like a gangster story. Great black and white art with a "Punisher"-type logo on the jacket of the main character who we see in black below. It's uber violent. I figure Quentin Tarantino is an influence here. 

Here are other Thai comics that I got.

Beansprout & Firehead in the Infinite Sadness by Songsin Somboon is like a cross between The Nightmare Before Christmas and Jay Fosgitt's Bodie Troll. It has a creepy vibe to it. Think of a Gothic Bone or Adventures of Jellaby (by Kean So). Intriguing.  

The quirky sounding Something Sometime Somewhere Everyday by Sasi Weerasethakul looks like a children's book. It seems to be a story about a journey of some friends. Love the artwork that is rendered in water color.

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