Saturday, May 21, 2016

Loving Future Quest! Old time Jonny Quest fan!

I loved those Jonny Quest (the original ones) cartoons on television as a kid. I thought that they were a cut above every other Saturday morning cartoon for its level of sophistication. Action, adventure, sci-fi... it was awesome. When Comico published the Jonny Quest series in 1986, they were not available right away. Not until the advent of PDPI, the forerunner of Book Sale did they appear on local shelves. The trick was to get them before they got stickered! I mean who wants a sticker on the comic of the price, right?

Comico published 31 issues of Jonny Quest. Have a near complete set. I also have a copy of the unofficial documentary of the cartoons that is amazing for geeks like me. 

The publication of Future Quest is like revisiting childhood. Had a lot of fun reading it. And the Herculoids cover? Oh, yeah! Love the Herculoids.

Some of my fave cartoons back then were those old Marvel stuff, Jonny Quest, the Herculoids, Space Ghost, Wacky Races, and anything with Huckleberry Hound! 

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