Monday, April 21, 2014

Nice to be a small part in Wasted's incredible history

I remember when Gerry Alanguilan first thought of the concept for Wasted. He went to my house and said, "I have a story that I don't think you'll like." The reason why he said that was we were all conjuring superhero stories (except for Richie Borromeo who was doing a dark story). He pitched the idea to me and I listened. I do remember asking, "Will it work?" 

When the first issue of Wasted came out, Gerry wrote me a long letter explaining the book. He even wrote a dedication on the cover. "I hope you like it," he scrawled.

I did. In fact, I liked it so much I wrote an article about the series for the Philippine Daily Inquirer (it was the first one ever written about Wasted). I felt honored when Gerry reprinted it (an edited version though because it was long) in the first collected edition of Wasted (you can see that above). It wasn't included in the next two collected editions. Luckily, I still have one left. Am no longer high on first prints/editions but this copy of Wasted means a lot not just because of the story and our long time friendship but also because it sure is cool to play a small part in the story's history.

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  1. Hey Rick... I remember those nightly trips to Cubao (from San Miguel, Manila) with fondness. I miss the BBQ. :D