Saturday, April 19, 2014

Stuff I want to get on Free Comic Book Day

I have always read independent comics for as long as I have been reading. I got my share of those Gold Key Magnus Robot Fighter and Turok. When I got to college I became even more fascinated with more independent titles. I picked up Pacific Comics' Starslayer, Comico's The Elementals, AC Comics' Femforce, and Aircel's Dragonforce whenever I found them.

Of course, when Image Comics was founded, that blew up my reading habits out of the water. I began to get stuff from Dark Horse and Valiant. Today, I get titles from Avatar, IDW, Kaboom, Oni Press, and Dynamite. In fact, I purchase more independents than those that come from Marvel and DC.

For this year's upcoming Free Comic Book Day, here's what I am looking out for:

Rebellion/2000AD's Atomic Robo

Hermes Press' Buck Rogers

Oni Press' Courtney Crumrin. Written and drawn by the talented Ted Naifeh. The new millennium's Hellboy.

Capstone Press' fun title The Adventures of Jellaby by the talented Sean Koo!  If you like Jeff Smith's Bone then check this out.

Sonic the Hedgehog and Megaman X flipbook from Archie Comics! Why am I getting this? Because of artist Gary Martin who has inked Steve Rude in Nexus and has done stuff like DC's Blue Devil.

And lastly, there's Avatar Press' Uber.

Other stuff I wish I could get include: Action Lab Entertainment's Skyward and Midnight Tiger and Comixtribe's Epic #0!

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