Saturday, April 5, 2014

Unlikely titles I enjoy reading: She-Hulk, Thor God of Thunder etc

What do I enjoy reading today? As in really enjoy reading? None of the heavy stuff for sure that weighs me down.

And there are three unlikely Marvel titles. 

Thor God of Thunder - Norse Mythology has always been at the center of this character and Jason Aaron makes the best use of that since Walt Simonson was on Thor. Love Essad Ribic's art that sure has come a long long way. But the genius behind this story is Aaron. He perpetuates the myth and legend of Thor but at the same time shows him to be a beer-guzzling Viking and a womanizing deil-may-care god. 

Ms. Marvel - It's not just the diversity about this title -- a Muslim lead character -- but the manner in which it is told and the artwork. I didn't think I'd enjoy it because it looks like a girl's book but I do. And that leads me to the next. Solid writing and terrific artwork. This is a title that you don't mind is late as long as they deliver.

She-Hulk - Is one of the four quirky titles in Marvel's line-up. Hawkeye and Daredevil are two. She-Hulk is the other (Silver Surfer is the third). What I like about this book is the book has the feel of a lawyer's story who is incidentally a super-hero. Charles Soule and Javier Pulido take the "super" out of the hero and manage to make it fun, insightful, and one you can't wait for. Hawkeye has lost steam with it's seemingly interminable track suit draculas story and how it has become old that Clint Barton is some down on his luck hero who is a bum. Hopefully that won't happen with She Hulk. Soule has brought in Patsy Walker (Hellcat) in a supporting cast role and her character that sounds a little more psychotic creates all sorts of intriguing possibilities.

For the indies, theres…

The Mysterious Strangers. This book is like a time warp. It has that vibe that I got reading Alan Moore's great and unfinished "1963" mini-series or even The Untold Tales of Spider-Man. 

Image has a pair of books that I eagerly look forward to: Manifest Destiny, a re-telling of the historic Lewis and Clarke expedition, and The Mercenary Sea that reminds me of Serenity except its on a submarine in the days before World War II.

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