Tuesday, September 22, 2015

AsiaPop Comicon: Filipinos & Singaporeans doodle on Mini-Cooper.

Filipinos & Singaporeans doodle on Mini-Cooper.
by rick olivares

One of the incredible highlights of the just-concluded AsiaPop Comicon was the live doodling on a pair of white Mini Coopers by artists from Singapore and the Philippines.

Band of Doodlers, a doodle art group from Singapore, was invited by AsiaPop Comicon organizers to do a mural on  Mini Cooper during the four-day event. The Singaporeans however, thought it was just right to invite the local chapter of Doodle Art Enthusiasts to collaborate on the project. And the final product, after three days of doodling, was nothing short of amazing. 

“I think that this collaboration was just right to work with Filipino doodlers,” said Band of Doodlers head Mas Shafreen while looking at the pair of Mini Coopers that had been given a massive art facelift. “This comicon is their show after all.”

“It was a great team-up,” crowed Lei Melendres, head of Filipino chapter of Doodle Art Enthusiasts. “Worthy of those great team-up comics. This was so much fun and such a great event."

“A sticker or what they call “vinyl wrap” was placed on both cars so we could doodle on them,” added Melendres. “The car owners were impressed with the art that they decided to keep it for a while."

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