Thursday, November 12, 2015

New Komiks from Eikon Komiks for Komikon!

Here are the new batch of releases from Eikon Komiks that will be available at Komikon this weekend (Nov. 14-15) at the Bayanihan Center!

We are located at A22 & A35 to the left of the stage!

East of the Sun West of the Moon (prequel), Ang Ilog III, K-Town, Dez preview, and Pader!

East of the Sun and Pader are in fullcolor!

Other komiks available also are from my friend (we work together but have different imprints) Mark Del Rosario. His new book (left) is Resurrect, a Lovecraftian-type of story and Sonata, that came out during the last Indieket (a Vertigo-ish type of story where a goddess visits a struggling musician).

And we have some back issues of previous releases available: Ang Ilog Book One and Book Two.

East of the Sun #1 and Dante #1

Ang Ilog is a historical fantasy set in 1901 sometime after the Americans took over the Philippines. It is set in the Tarlac-Pampanga area and tells the stories of three different sets of characters - Pablo, the son of a former Katipunero, the vigilante known as Lawin, and the Robin Hood-like duo of El Vengador and Gabriela. Drawn in the classic Filipino style by veteran artist Rey Asturias, Ang Ilog is available in English and Filipino. 

East of the Sun West of the Moon is a high fantasy story that tells of the disparate crew of the Iceblik Bluff that embarks on a journey to save a Princess. Sounds familiar? It owes much to JM Barrie of Peter Pan fame, Hayao Miyazaki, Herge, French comics, and George Lucas. The prequel is in full color while #1 is in black and white -- for now. It will be reprinted in full color. Art is by Sandy Gonzaga.

K-Town or Korea Town is about a bunch of Koreans living in Makati who have all these zany adventures where they face manananggals, waiter-ninja, Taho selling Ronin, supernatural hookers, riding-in-tandem holduppers, and more. Drawn by the amazing JM Valenzuela.

Dez is a Goth comic that owes much to the classic indie Goth comic series Gloomcookie by Sarah Valentino and Ted Naifeh (Courtney Crumrin and Princess Ugg). Art is by the talented Ronzkie Pacho Vidal (Sulsi and Karit). A spin-off of Dante (my comic with Niño Balita).

Pader is a mini-graphic novel with Bianca Lesaca about a homeless boy who tells his story via graffiti. 

Dante is about the son of Charon, the ferryman of the River Styx who has retired leaving the duties of transporting the dead to his mischievous and adventurous son. 

Other stuff to look out for in 2016 -- a project with Freely Abrigo, another with superstar artist Harvey Tolibao, the return of Dante and The Incredible and Bizarre Misadventures of Manga Boy (with Niño Balita), and Epika with Rico Rival. We also wrap up Ang Ilog that will end with Book Five and be collected in a director's cut version trade paperback form by November 2016.

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