Saturday, June 11, 2016

At Toycon 2016 Day 2

30 Days of Night! The vampire comic that brought back horror. I used to have every single original issue of this. Unfortunately, I lost every single one of them to a typhoon. Have been trying to get them back via the back issue market but they are just so darn expensive (anywhere from $20-40). The trade paperback will do.

Next to the statue of my all-time favorite comic book creator, Stan Lee! 

Stan the Man Lee ain't getting any younger so it's about time I grabbed a Funko Pop of him. And a 2016 Toycon exclusive at that!

Next to a statue of one of my fave basketball players -- LeBron James!

This Stormtrooper and Bounty Hunter accosted me on account of my Smuggler's shirt featuring Han Solo and Mal Reynolds (of Firely). Busted!

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